IELTS Results equivalents

Very often we get lost with these different systems which grade our language skills. Is B2 a good level (European system)? Is it better than 7.0 in IELTS? How much should I get in TOEFL? What is “Advanced”? The table below answers all these questions. Very useful.

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Tips On Buying Food in the UK

There are just a few quick tips about¬†how to buy food in the UK and save as much money as possible. 1. Avoid¬†Sainsbury’s¬†if you really want tosave some money. The difference between ASDA & Tesco and¬†Sainsbury’s may not be huge but there is still a fact that food in this store is generally more expensive […]

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Food Prices In The UK

In¬†this article I will give you the CHEAPEST prices. Why? Because we are students! october, 2014 6 tomatoes – ¬£0.69 White bread –¬†¬£0.45 (Tesco), others – ¬£1 1 cucumber (long) –¬†¬£0,49 3 peppers –¬†¬£0,99 Frozen pizza (30 cm) –¬†¬£2 –¬†¬£5 1 kg of cheese –¬†¬£5 –¬†¬£10 1 Tesco/Asda cola (2 litre) – ¬£0,17 Frozen beef […]

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How To Find a Part Time Job in the UK? (5 Tips)

1. Make an excellent CV! You have to spendsome time, remember all your achievements. Don’t be afraid to include many information.¬†However, still keep in mind that you are applying for a job. Here are a few websites which can help you with CV 1.¬† – my favorite one. Very user-friendly and many options which allow […]

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