The biggest and most important advice For IELTS!

IELTS logoIf you plan to study in the UK (or in any other country abroad) you will probably need to pass IELTS. Yeah, I this time… very stressful 🙂 But I did it! My result was 7.5 and I was very happy about it. However, I wouldn’t have passed the test well without one single thing…


I will share many tips with you about this test, different techniques for different parts. But nothing will work without hard work, patience and practice. You should do as much practice tests as possible. And you must do them in a test-like environment (time limits, silence in a room).

2 years before I came to the UK, I took the first IELTS practice test in my life. Just to see what it was. Then, after a year I started working really hard. And here is my progress:

October, 2012:

  • Listening – 5.5
  • Reading – 5.0

December 2013:

  • Listening – 6.5
  • Reading – 6.0

March 2014:

  • Listening – 8.0 – 8.5
  • Reading – 7.0 – 7.5

April 2014 (Test results):

  • Listening – 8.5
  • Reading – 7.5
  • Speaking – 7.5
  • Writing – 6.0

I was working on my speaking and writing skills too, however I wasn’t able to check how good I was.

I will post more information and very useful tips about the test very soon. What I want you remember now is that only hard work and practice make perfect.

Good luck!


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