Tips On Buying Food in the UK

There are just a few quick tips about how to buy food in the UK and save as much money as possible.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Avoid Sainsbury’s if you really want tosave some money. The difference between ASDA & Tesco and Sainsbury’s may not be huge but there is still a fact that food in this store is generally more expensive

2. Avoid small local stores. Especially, Co-operative stores, however you will not have all the deals and discounts in a small Tesco Express store. So, if you have a big Tesco or ASDA somewhere close – you are very lucky!

3. Check the store’s website before going out. I always check Tesco’s or ASDA’s website before I go shopping. This way you can avoid spending lots of time looking for a better discount.

4. Look for the store’s brand. All these stores have their own brands which are usually much cheaper. The cheapest Tesco brand is “Tesco Everyday Value”. To save more money look for this one while you are in Tesco.

5. Don’t buy water. Of course, if you are looking for a very high-quality water or you have some special preferences you can buy water in bottles. However, it is said that there is very good water from the tap, so you can drink it without any fear.


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